Akiraka Tomiyori

A thoughtful, somewhat flamboyant representative from the Mongoose Clan. Tomoyori-san has been sent to Mirumoto Shuzento’s small “court” as assistance from the Minor Clans. The Mongoose Shugenja keeps his scrolls on elaborate fans, snapping them open as part of his School’s teaching of spellcasting and ritual dance.

Akiraka Tomiyori’s Words

I am Akiraka Tomiyori, a priest of the Mongoose clan and servant of Lord Mirumoto Shuzento, Daimyo of the House of the Plum Gardens. But this much, of course, is readily known. Who I am is far more than my name and position. In brief, I am a child of the universe and a weaver of its magic. I am blissfully alive and in love with the world about me. My heart was born to race with the wind and my spirit yearns to see the farthest realms of the land. In my adventures I seek the truth of the world, to seize it and know it directly through my senses. For me each dawn brings new inspiration, each bend in the road brings new possibility. Do you have it yet? Am I to be understood in these few words? Can the artist paint each grain of sand? The sages of antiquity said that the Tao was a finger pointing at the moon, not the moon itself. Consider these words to be a finger pointing at my heart.

Akirai Tomiyori and his Words by and Copyright 1998 Adam Renschen

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