Good Omens MiniCon – 7/17/2010

In keeping with the spirit of July 4th, I will be running a game of Colonial Gothic for the July 2010 Good Omens Mincon at EndGame. The game is set for a 10 am to 2 pm spot. Colonial Gothic is a supernatural historical horror roleplaying game set during the dawn of the American Revolution.

Scenario Name: A Surprise for General Gage
Game System: Colonial Gothic
Characters Provided: Yes
Variations (if any): n/a
Power Level (if relevant): Low but Strange
Time slot (morning, afternoon or evening): Morning
Number of Players: 5
Description: It is 1775, and the flames of independence begin to catch in Colonial America. Boston, one of the world’s greatest trading ports, is under siege. The Massachusetts Militia controls the land surrounding the city, while the Royal Navy controls the sea and British troops fill the streets.

Odd circumstances cause your strange band to be in place to lend a hand to the fledgling Revolution – or deal it a setback. From the Old Post Road to the streets of Boston, it’s a small thing that might be heard ’round the world; a surprise for General Thomas Gage. 

If you’re going to be in town for the 17th, I highly recommend attending the minicon.

EndGame Minicon – 4/3/2010

I had two games at the recent EndGame MiniCon, in the 10 am and 3 pm spots. They were:

Scenario Name: The Five Elemental Apes of Ancient China
Game System: Heroquest
Variations: n/a
Power Level: n/a
Number of Players: 6 of 6 Seats Available (zero people on waitlist)
Characters provided? Yes, and finished at the table

Thousands of years ago, in an ancient China only somewhat like our own, the 1000 Provinces were ruled by Bandit Kings and worse. There, the Five Elemental Apes – raised from babies and trained by their Kindly Shaolin Master in elemental kung fu – deliver justice for the people, and righteous-ass-kicking to the wicked. By Fire, Water, Metal, Air and Wood; Fist, Foot, and … Tail!?

About this game: The Five Elemental Apes of Ancient China is an original scenario of kung fu, magic and mayhem in bandit ridden ancient fantasy China. The Heroquest rpg is one of the founding games in the story-game movement, and is newly rewritten and refined by Robin Laws, the original author.


Scenario Name: With the Band
Game System: Chronica Feudalis
Variations: n/a
Power Level: Rising Stars
Number of Players: 6 of 6 Seats Available (zero people on waitlist)
Characters provided? Characters quickly generated at table.

“We’re an American Band,
We’re coming to your town,
We’ll help you party it down!
We’re an American Band”

Groupies, roadies, and record contracts. Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll; wine, women, and song. Rising stars – booking arenas and clubs, riding into town and committing musical mayhem.

All the perfect cover for fighting crime, solving mysteries, and investigating the supernatural. Crazed cultists, maniacal monsters, and savage slashers – the Band hunts them down and takes them out. Have fun, rock out – and kick supernatural ass!

About this Game: With the Band is a player-driven scenario in the theme of Scooby-Doo, Josie and the Pussycats, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It uses (misappropriates might be the better term) the Chronica Feudalis rules engine to facilitate some fast and fun play.