Kobayashi Maru

Newly arrived in Ryoko Owari, the Magistrates begin to discover the city’s uniqueness. No sooner than a few days pass than the Thunder Guards of Oni’s Teeth Gate request the Magistrates inspect some suspicious papers. The Crab possessor claims that they were signed by an Emerald Magistrate

The Magistrates declare the papers a fraud and arrest the man. Turning him over to the local Thunder Guard for imprisonment, they attend to other matters

The Magistrates are met the following morning by an unannounced visitor – Shosuro Rei, a senior Emerald Magistrate and their former sponsor. Shosuro Rei engages the group in an odd turn of conversation and veiled criticism. When asked to explain herself, she shrugs and merely notes that for an example, they should retrieve their prisoner. Read the rest of this entry »