Bitter Milk

The Bitter Milk of the Dark One

The Magistrates seize command of the fort and institute immediate changes. The fort’s three remaining taisa (“captains”) are allowed seppuku; the chui and gunso are denied such. Immediate training and drills begin; watches are fortified and overseen. Quickly, the voice of Gunso-sensei Basho are heard along the Wall. The Magistrates devote the second portion of their attentions to the investigation – both are important, but the Magistrates are properly intent on the security of the Wall.

Questioning reveals little, although all the wards are checked and heimin and henin staff questioned. There is no sign of the Taint, and the food and water produce no evidence of poisoning. The condition of the fort’s men seems to suggest otherwise, however: nearly 50% of the bushi – infantry and archers alike – appear to be suffering the effects of deep illness or poisoning. Evidence seized from the former commander’s quarters suggest likewise. The fort physicians can find no cause. Read the rest of this entry »

Sound of Drums

Along the great Kaiu Kabe (The Kaiu Wall), the samurai of Clan Crab are arrayed to defend the Emerald Empire. The families and followers of the Kaiu toil endlessly to ensure that the Great Wall itself remains strong and tall against the nightmarish onslaughts from the Shadowlands. Towards this end, the Kaiu devote portions of their magistrates to patrol the wall, visiting and observing the structure – and their brethern’s – resolve.

The Tage no Kaiu (Tage of the Kaiu family) have historically contributed a high number of magistrates to the cause. It is a point of signifigant honor among the Tage.

Now, a new generation of Tage samurai and their companions take up the title and grave responsibility of Magistrates.

…and so, it begins… Read the rest of this entry »