Dundracon 2010: Rise from the Ashes

We hope to have the following event featured at the upcoming 2010 Dundarcon. This year, we are running a slightly smaller (14 player), more focused event – similar in style to our early DDC Scorpion games.  Unique to this year’s offering is a supernatural / Phoenix heavy base. Update (12/25/09): It appears we are will be scheduled for Saturday night at 6 pm.

Rise from the Ashes

The Dark God has been thrown back, leaving the world in ashes. The Kami have departed. There remain many places where the taint must be cleansed and the land purified.

The Phoenix must rise from the ashes.

Set in the early days of the Emerald Empire, this game will involve two table groups of Phoenix Clan players competing to reclaim “tainted” land for their families. The game will contain both cooperative as well as competitive elements between the groups. Players will have opportunity to customize the pre-generated characters  to their preferences.

System: Samurai Tales (Fate)
Time: TBD (but hopefully Saturday night)
GM: Wayne Ogle and Brian Isikoff
PCs: All characters provided by GM and rules will be taught.
Power Level: Phoenix Clan
Variations: historical, non-canonical, Rokugan (L5R)

Program Book Description

Crops spoil and animals are stillborn. Screams and battle sounds echo from the woods. The land must be cleansed by the Phoenix, claimed by your family. The little girl watches.

About This Game

Rise from the Ashes is tabletop game, with some elements of tabletop and strategic gaming. This is a two GM event. Rules will be taught as needed. Costumes are not required.  The game is based on a non-canonical version of the Legends of the Five Rings setting, Rokugan – the Emerald Empire. The rules, Samurai Tales, are a variant of the Fate / Spirit of the Century games.

About the GMs

Rise from the Ashes is produced by Wayne Ogle and Brian Isikoff. Producers of previous successful convention events Test of Might, Lion at Autumn’s Gate, The Eaters of Sin, and Gift of Earth, Wayne and Brian have returned with a new tale of the Emerald Empire.

A Gift of Earth is sponsored by EndGame and 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction podcast.