Getting There

Rokugan is a big place, regardless of how you read the map. For every place that’s named, there’s at least a hundred unnamed villages, shires, woods, and more disturbing areas. Adventurers and heroes tend to be “on the road” passing through such places frequently.

They do pass through such places, no? Of course they do.

In the Master’s games, no one gets anywhere quickly. Oh, from time to time the heroes get where they need to be. More often than not, however, something occurs as a quick sidetrack. Read the rest of this entry »


Some thoughts on developing deeper, non-traditionl associations with characters. Chaosium’s Nephilim occult rpg contains an interesting tool for the development of PCs (or NPCs as well): a “Chinese Portrait”. I have come across this technique in other areas and reading as well; I believe the tool offers players a unique tool in fleshing out their thoughts on their PCs. Read the rest of this entry »