Blood in the Valley

Shosuro Rei presses the heroes into carrying out a small courtier mission on her behalf: journey to the Kintani Valley and attend the Bon Festival at Shiro No Kyotei. Once there, keep an eye on its belligerent lord, Tsume Retsu, a Crane warlord in a Clan of courtiers.

Everything goes fine until the target of their watchful eyes is murdered in his own bed. As representatives of an Imperial Magistrate, the heroes are quickly pressed to investigate this matter, one of the biggest breaches of Imperial Law.

Through much investigation and wary conversation, the heroes uncover two romances and suspicions they keep to themselves.

In the end, the murder escapes undiscovered. The heroes were involved too late, and the assassins have vanished like the wind.

At least, that’s what the heroes say.

(Based on Murder in Kyotei Castle, by AEG, Inc.)