RandomCon – July 2010

I’ll be visiting friends at RandomCon, in Phoenix, this summer, and I’ve submitted two games to run. The two games are (dates and times subject to change):

Event Time: Friday (7/9), 8 pm – 2 am
Game Title: A Surprise for General Gage
Game System: Colonial Gothic
Minimum Players: 3
Maximum Players: 6
Maturity: Serious tone; teen and up

It is 1775, and the flames of independence begin to catch in Colonial America. Boston, one of the world’s greatest trading ports, is under siege. The Massachusetts Militia controls the land surrounding the city, while the Royal Navy controls the sea and British troops fill the streets.

Odd circumstances cause your strange band to be in place to lend a hand to the fledgling Revolution – or deal it a setback. From the Old Post Road to the streets of Boston, it’s a small thing that might be heard ’round the world; a surprise for General Thomas Gage.

PCs provided; rules taught.


Event Time: Saturday (7/10), 8 pm – 2 am
Game Title: Carrion Hill
Game System: Dragon Age / AGE
Minimum Players: 3
Maximum Players: 6
Maturity: Serious tone; teen and up

By salty winds and odd stars, a dreadful recrudescence rises from the depths of buried nightmare in the vaults below the strange coastal city of Carrion Hill. Recently arrived from Freeport, your band of buccaneers and rogues are pulled into the nightmare which has a monster stalking the twisted alleys of the city, spreading panic before it and leaving destruction in its wake. Can you solve the mystery of Carrion Hill before it ends you?

PCs provides; rules taught.

About this adventure: Carrion Hill is originally an Pathfinder adventure by Richard Pett, and inspired from the popular writings of H. P. Lovecraft. This adventure adventure has been adapted to use Green Ronin’s AGE / Dragon Age rules, and set in the world of Freeport. The stars are right, matey. Yarrrrr!