Akiraka Tomiyori

A thoughtful, somewhat flamboyant representative from the Mongoose Clan. Tomoyori-san has been sent to Mirumoto Shuzento’s small “court” as assistance from the Minor Clans. The Mongoose Shugenja keeps his scrolls on elaborate fans, snapping them open as part of his School’s teaching of spellcasting and ritual dance. Read the rest of this entry »

Daidoji Yosai

Daidoji Yosai possesses the natural charisma and quality of voice so common among the Crane. As with most of his Daidoji brethren, he has tended to favor martial over High skills and has a few skills normally frowned upon by other Bushi. While he has shown a below average ability with the Dai-kyu, he knows this is more from a lack of interest on his part. Yosai laughs at those who scoff at the Daidojis’ enterprises in commerce. The clan sees it as merely another field of battle and the daimyo’s son, Uji, ensures all his samurai are conversant in the “secret war” of trade sabotage, smuggling, and infiltration of the enemy’s economy. Read the rest of this entry »

Kakita Toshiro

An adventurous Crane Bushi, Toshiro-san was conducting something of a survey for his Daimyo; an extended assignment to determine the political and personal opinions of … recent events … among various Rokugani. Just arrived at the Kyuden Mantis, Toshiro-san fell in with the Heroes, finding the right blend of adventure and … opinions … for his taste.

A slight man kneels in front of the dias, dressed in light blue and green silks, giving away his affiliation. The mon of a bird with its unfolded wing around an unsheathed katana adorns his right shoulder. A finely wrapped saya holding his katana sits to his right. He is in deep conversation with the man on the dias, his words and gestures soothing to the man. He finally gestures, and they both rise. The man below the dias bows low, touching his forehead to the floor, and rises smoothly. He waits as the lord passes by, on his way past the screens, and picks up his katana. Turning to the room, you realize something different about this Crane – he has the normal jet black hair of a Rokugani, and pale skin. His smile betrays his charm as he notices the others in the room, bowing to them.

Kakita Toshiro and his Words by and Copyright 1998 Sean Matheis

Kuni Itso

The adventurous Crab Shugenja displays knowledge not only of spells, but of the katana.  No mere “spell slinger”, she demands and receives her place in the melee.  Her enemies wish it otherwise, no doubt. Kuni Itsu has been missing since the poetry contest in the Moshi lands. Read the rest of this entry »

Mirumoto Kunto

The obnoxious, inflappable waveman Kunto.  Admitted to the party in deference to Kunto’s knowledge of the northern Bakemono and their handling, this ronin proves a staunch swordarm in combat. He also tends to be somewhat overly vocal socially.  No matter – Imperial Magistrate Mirumoto Shuzento vouches and insists on Kunto’s receipt of a name.  The Mirumoto name is granted, but when the Mirumoto Daimyo, Hitomi-sama, learns of Kunto’s Crab roots, all hell breaks loose… Read the rest of this entry »

Mirumoto Jito

The Dragon Shugenja, unlike his blood cousin Isawa Ikahashi, has much to say on nearly everything. His scrolls and magic have already given him a welcome home among the heroes. Indeed, his brave heart overcame his fear of heights on a two day climb straight up Cold Man Mountain as the group journeyed to the Winter Temple.

Jito, formerly a student of the Phoenix Isawa School, was cast out from his Clan when he dared express a view not in line with the Isawa Masters. After five years of unswerving devotion to his friend, Mirumoto Shuzento, Jito-san was adopted by Shuzento, becoming a member of the Dragon Clan. Read the rest of this entry »

Isawa Sodan

Sodan is a Phoenix Shugenja, one wracked with the pain of all-too frequent and disturbing visions. Isawa Sodan was apprencticed to Lao Jen Sha (“Old Man Shark”) for the five years of the Assassin’s War. He learned to fish. Following that, he was sent to deliver Lao Jen Sha to Isawa Ikahashi, and to render his own assistance to that Bushi as well.

“Isawa Sodan, young student at the Isawa School, of course. He attracted some notice, as he seemed to have deep, disturbing prophetic dreams. These were never very pleasant, but the they did attract the attention of the various important Isawa Shugenja. Young Sodan seemed to have some greater purpose, or would reveal vital knowledge one day.”

Read the rest of this entry »

The Hare Clan

The heroes are asked, seemingly based on spreading word of their heroic exploits against Opawang, is asked to look into a matter of discretion and honor by an Akodo general.

In the process, the samurai deal with Ogres, the Shadowlands, journeys to a lost castle in the Shadowlands, recovers an mystic item of great significance, and saves the Hare Clan from almost certain doom.

And upsets both the Akodo general as well as a Scorpion daimyo of the Bayushi family. They also come to the attention of Shosuro Rei, a Scorpion Magistrate to the Emerald Champion who, strangely enough, appreciates their odd discretion and insights.

(Based on the Hare Clan, from AEG, Inc.)