Mirumoto Kunto

The obnoxious, inflappable waveman Kunto.  Admitted to the party in deference to Kunto’s knowledge of the northern Bakemono and their handling, this ronin proves a staunch swordarm in combat. He also tends to be somewhat overly vocal socially.  No matter – Imperial Magistrate Mirumoto Shuzento vouches and insists on Kunto’s receipt of a name.  The Mirumoto name is granted, but when the Mirumoto Daimyo, Hitomi-sama, learns of Kunto’s Crab roots, all hell breaks loose…

Mirumoto Kunto now serves as Kitsuke Shuzento’s yojimbo, protecting the Magistrate from harm. Kunto-san was recently accused of treachery and murder while staying in Tortoise Palace, and – shortly after the charges were dropped – received two near fatal spearings to his gut and chest in an ambush. Kunto-san has begun to keep a diary.

“Yes, I have something to say. I am Samurai, and I say I have not done this thing. I have not attacked nor slain any member of the Tortoise Clan, last night or any other night. And as for this honorless half man who spits such lies of me…”

Mirumoto Kunto is an NPC, and copyright 1998 Brian Isikoff

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