Lion and Crane

At the request of the Emerald Champion, Doji Satsume, two of the Magistrates detour from their plans toward Lion lands to investigate the disappearance of a Shosuro diplomat and a Crane samurai.

The samurai arrived promptly at the lands of Matsu Inyo and meet with his lead magistrate, or karo. The karo explains that the Lion will be having a feast that evening, and they look forward to the Magistrates presence. In the meantime, the Magistrates decline the kind offer to look around and begin their investigation. Instead, they choose to pass the hours at the nearby monastery and shrine in contemplation.

In doing so, the honorable samurai spend time with Dogan, the head monk. Impressed by their sincerity and true honor, they eventually gain his confidence and, with that and their own sharp wits, solve the matter of honor which the Emerald Champion had requested they investigate.

The Magistrates gain further scorn from the Lion but, strangely enough, the admiration of the Shosuro Governor of Ryoko Owari, who’s distant cousin was involved and missing.

(based on the Veil of Honor, by AEG, Inc.)