DDC 2001: The Eaters of Sin

The Eaters of Sin

Some call it Journey’s End City and some call it the City of Green Walls. In the end, it is Ryoko Owari Toshi: the City of Lies. Behind every smile, a lie. And behind every lie … honor? A Scorpion’s paradise is sometimes its pain as well.

The above image is an artist’s rendition of the Bayushi enforcer group from the Eaters of Sin storyline. The kanji in the top half of the art correspond to the names of the characters – clockwise around the table from the left they are: Hungry Moon the Assassin, Wind the bushi, Five Thunders the impersonator, Empty Wind – courtier and ringleader, the other bushi Big Fortune, the duellist Hollow Eyes, Void the shugenja, and Smoke the saboteur. The artist played Empty Wind. Domo arigato to Ms. Zimmer for the outstanding artwork (which is not in the public domain)!!

The Eaters of Sin – a DunDracon 2001 event – was an “all Scorpion” story with characters provided. Two sessions of this event were be run (simultaneously) with two separate storytellers on Sunday (2/18), at 8:00pm.

Each PC group was a capable band of Scorpion enforcers – Bayushi and Soshi. They had been summoned and assigned the tasks of escorting the younger brothers of the recently arrived Daidoji Magistrate to Ryoko Owari.
A fun time was had by all! Thanks to all the players who attended!!

See the DunDracon website for full details about the convention.

The GMs were:

Brian Isikoff: Master of the Jade Lantern, author of the “12 Diplomats of Bayushi Risako” event at DunDracon ’99, and the co-author of the “Eaters of Sin” events at DunDracon ’01 and ’02.

Wayne Ogle: GM of a regular L5R campaign on the North Bay, as well as the author and GM for the epic “Anvil of Despair” events at DunDracon ’99 and ’00, and the co-author of the “Eaters of Sin” events at DunDracon DC ’01 and ’02 .