In the Land of the Crane

The monk has been very impressed with the new Land of the Crane setting for True 20:

“The Land of the Crane setting can be found in the True20 Worlds of Adventure book published by Green Ronin Publishing. The Land of the Crane is a fantasy setting inspired by the folklore and mythology of feudal Japan.”

Land of the Crane is produced by Amalara. It was one of the Green Ronin setting contest winner for the True 20 rpg, and is one of the first licensed True 20 properties on the market. The 28 pages published in Green Ronin’s Worlds of Adventure are very accessible to players familiar with samurai-themed games as well as those new to the genre. Amalara has already released two free supplements: a glossary and a calendar.

Even more exciting (to this monk, at least) is the publication of our Castle of the Mountain Goblins article, and the announcement of the monk’s writing a samurai /code of bushido supplement for Land of the Crane.