Mirumoto Jito

The Dragon Shugenja, unlike his blood cousin Isawa Ikahashi, has much to say on nearly everything. His scrolls and magic have already given him a welcome home among the heroes. Indeed, his brave heart overcame his fear of heights on a two day climb straight up Cold Man Mountain as the group journeyed to the Winter Temple.

Jito, formerly a student of the Phoenix Isawa School, was cast out from his Clan when he dared express a view not in line with the Isawa Masters. After five years of unswerving devotion to his friend, Mirumoto Shuzento, Jito-san was adopted by Shuzento, becoming a member of the Dragon Clan.

Mirumoto Jito’s Words

“By all appearances, Mirumoto Jito is a flamboyant young man – his detractors would say possibly effeminate. He is not very large, standing probably about 5’7″ or so, with a very lean, wiry build. He likes to be neat, and pretty for the ladies and always to present himself at his best. He has a narrow face (that he prides himself with on each new dawn!), but not unattractively so. He has high cheekbones (lightly blushed, when appearing before nobles or royalty), that angle down towards relatively full lips, although these lips will disappear into a tight line whenever he gets angry. Depending on how much of his lips can be seen along with the expression on his face will tell you how mad Jito really is! Jito-sama also wears a moustache, long in the fashion of the Manchus, finely groomed, never a hair out of place (even after a heated battle, he will check to make sure that it has not been damaged in anyway). And instead of the tacky topknot that almost all samurai wear, he prefers to have a full head of hair, also worn long that frames his face; he sometimes, on special occasions, will braid brightly colored ribbons of red, orang and gold silk into his hair (a trick he borrowed from some Unicorn clan maidens who he happened to spend some time with at the castle, which is another reason why those who do not like Jito-sama say that he is too like the females for their own liking.) Jito has a taste for the geisha, and some criticize him for indulging in that practice, but another reason why he spends as much time with geisha as possible is to learn their secret skills: deceipt, guile, observation and manipulation. Geisha are very powerful when they want to be and when they are allowed to be, it is a strange situation for those who are geisha and Jito seeks to understand it and add the knowledge to his repertoire…the fact that are beautiful and do things for Jito is only a beneficial side effect…”

Mirumoto (formerly Isawa) Jito and his Words by and Copyright 1998 Amar Cooper

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