Daidoji Yosai

Daidoji Yosai possesses the natural charisma and quality of voice so common among the Crane. As with most of his Daidoji brethren, he has tended to favor martial over High skills and has a few skills normally frowned upon by other Bushi. While he has shown a below average ability with the Dai-kyu, he knows this is more from a lack of interest on his part. Yosai laughs at those who scoff at the Daidojis’ enterprises in commerce. The clan sees it as merely another field of battle and the daimyo’s son, Uji, ensures all his samurai are conversant in the “secret war” of trade sabotage, smuggling, and infiltration of the enemy’s economy.

While his initial posting to Ryoko Owari at the (reported) request of Doji Sukemara, ostensibly as yojimbo after the death of a Crane, is accepted publicly, there seemed little doubt privately that he has been sent by the clan to quietly look into the murder of Ashidaka Naritoki. This seemed to be confirmed by the almost complete lack of duties required of him by Sukemara. Yosai-san was introduced himself to the Emerald Magistrates at the urging of several Crane.

Appointed as Karo to Mirumoto Shuzento during the Assassin’s War and afterwards, Daidoji Yosai serves in loyal, attentive fashion, frequently preserving the Dragon’s On. Such an odd position (as Karo of another Clan’s samurai) provides for Yosai’s attention to his true assignment from the preceeding Emerald Champion: Karo and Advisor to the Secret Magistrates. Yosai-san seems to possess some special insights into the group’s purpose and tasks, and has proven most able in fufilling his assignment.

Daidoji Yosai by and Copyright 1998 Allyn Glosser

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