Kakita Toshiro

An adventurous Crane Bushi, Toshiro-san was conducting something of a survey for his Daimyo; an extended assignment to determine the political and personal opinions of … recent events … among various Rokugani. Just arrived at the Kyuden Mantis, Toshiro-san fell in with the Heroes, finding the right blend of adventure and … opinions … for his taste.

A slight man kneels in front of the dias, dressed in light blue and green silks, giving away his affiliation. The mon of a bird with its unfolded wing around an unsheathed katana adorns his right shoulder. A finely wrapped saya holding his katana sits to his right. He is in deep conversation with the man on the dias, his words and gestures soothing to the man. He finally gestures, and they both rise. The man below the dias bows low, touching his forehead to the floor, and rises smoothly. He waits as the lord passes by, on his way past the screens, and picks up his katana. Turning to the room, you realize something different about this Crane – he has the normal jet black hair of a Rokugani, and pale skin. His smile betrays his charm as he notices the others in the room, bowing to them.

Kakita Toshiro and his Words by and Copyright 1998 Sean Matheis

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