Sound of Drums

Along the great Kaiu Kabe (The Kaiu Wall), the samurai of Clan Crab are arrayed to defend the Emerald Empire. The families and followers of the Kaiu toil endlessly to ensure that the Great Wall itself remains strong and tall against the nightmarish onslaughts from the Shadowlands. Towards this end, the Kaiu devote portions of their magistrates to patrol the wall, visiting and observing the structure – and their brethern’s – resolve.

The Tage no Kaiu (Tage of the Kaiu family) have historically contributed a high number of magistrates to the cause. It is a point of signifigant honor among the Tage.

Now, a new generation of Tage samurai and their companions take up the title and grave responsibility of Magistrates.

…and so, it begins…

Story Cast

Tage Fudo
Tage Kanjiro
Tage Shisumo
Tage Kyoshi
Akodo Takida

The tale begins simply enough, but a few days in from the family ceremony marking Fudo- and Kanjiro-samas’ investiture as Magistrates. The Yoriki (Head Magistrate of the Province), their Honored Eldest Uncle, bids them prepare for their duties on the Wall.

First, however, the attend the Daimyo’s court, awaiting the arrival of Akodo Takida, a Lion samurai who has insulted the Tage honor. The Lion, sent by his family to serve the Crab at the Wall, arrives to a cold reception, and quickly finds himself in the service of the new Magistrates.

The Magistrates enlist the aid of their younger brother, Shisumo-san (affectionately known by his brothers as “Little Sumo”) and cousin Kyoshi-san (who studied with Kanjiro-san under a Kuni Shugenja). With the addition of Basho – a grizzled Kaiu gunso (“sergeant”) – and a small group of ashingaru, the Magistrates head off to the Wall.

Weathering horrid weather and minor Shadowlands assaults, the Magistrates find themselves at under seige at a far tower along a northern stretch of the Wall. Seizing command of the fort with the previous commander’s death at the hands of a sniper, the Magistrates orchestrate a hard defense of the Wall. The attacks linger on for hours – it is well after midnight when the Magistrates are finally able to retire to a war chamber to contemplate.

The next days bring word by way of runner: they are to investigate the causes for some strange lapses in proper judgement among garrison forces. By any means necessary.

And they are to retain command of the fort until the receive orders to the contrary from Tage Daimyo, the Kaiu Daimyo or the Great Bear himself: Hida Kisada-sama.

A rival family to the north has seems to be of a different mind, and draws near with “reinforcements”.

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