Flawless Victory

I recently found some time to retreat and read through the new L5R 3rd edition. I settled in for a nice long read and drank more than a few cups of tea while doing so. My reading of the book has only fully reinforced my initial impression: the 3rd edition is magnificent! The entire package is a significant upgrade of the production values of the earlier books, with full color throughout, an outstanding selection of artwork, and a sizable array of content. End to end this was an impressive package. Perhaps a bit light on some of the GM’s advice, and of course I saw a typo or two, but really, just an outstanding job and a very worthy book.

If you’re a fan of L5R or the genre, I recommend the Legends of the Five Rings: 3rd edition book without reservation.


  1. masami said,

    July 15, 2005 at 6:56 am

    I agree that 3rd edition has improved a lot from 1st and 2nd edition. Me and my players agree in that there are three main improvements:

    1st) Schools do their job better. Shiba now really enphasises in being a good bodyguard and a good use of Void, Kakita use better their speed and dueling capacity, Mirumoto are now better rivals of the Kakita, Lion benefits better than other editions from high honor ranks to do great damage, Scorpion now are full of dirty tricks, and so on.

    2nd) The skills system is very, very improved. Now the players have good reasons to improve their skills and get higher rank levels in their main skills. Skills are very well explained and detailed.

    3rd) The combat system now offers a wide variety of use for Raises, and a more quick combat resolution.

    Of course there are always some things that would like to ones and dislike to anothers, but the things me and my players have changed to make the game more of our taste are few (very very few, like the movement rules and the mass battle system (I prefer 1st edition one… it’s quicker)).

    Members of Alderac team have done a really good job. And the better of this is that you can take material from 1st and 2nd edition to this 3rd edition without any problem. GOOD WORK!

  2. Shuzento said,

    December 4, 2005 at 12:10 pm

    Ah 3rd Edition! the honarable Mirumoto Shuzento the master of the Plum gardens agrees with Masami Sama! This is a great edition and like Masami said you can use 1st and 2nd ed with little to no effort!. I am currently running my group thru the Shadowlands and am using the book that the old players of 1st edition refer to as the book of Oni no Skippy! or the Book of the Shadowlands, and have found that there is little conversion needed. What I would like to see is a update either via pdf or hard copy of some of the 1st ed. books to 3rd with that fantastic art and style.

    Mirumoto Shuzento
    Master of the Plum Gardens

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