The Hare Clan

The heroes are asked, seemingly based on spreading word of their heroic exploits against Opawang, is asked to look into a matter of discretion and honor by an Akodo general.

In the process, the samurai deal with Ogres, the Shadowlands, journeys to a lost castle in the Shadowlands, recovers an mystic item of great significance, and saves the Hare Clan from almost certain doom.

And upsets both the Akodo general as well as a Scorpion daimyo of the Bayushi family. They also come to the attention of Shosuro Rei, a Scorpion Magistrate to the Emerald Champion who, strangely enough, appreciates their odd discretion and insights.

(Based on the Hare Clan, from AEG, Inc.)


The Heroes receive word that their services are required: their families have loaned them to the Ko family of the Mantis Clan in return for the clearing of some debt or another. The Ko, having seen their capabilities and friendly ties, approach the group with word of a problem they have. A dangerous problem.

The samurai journey to Ikari Isle, nearly a week’s journey over harsh seas to the southeastern most of the Mantis’ Islands of Spice. They learn of disappearances, ghostly warriors, flying spectral nightmares, blighted crops and slain livestock.

The Heroes explore the lush jungle island, tracking down clues and fending off dangerous panthers, snakes, quicksand and other jungle dangers. A strange, speaking serpent crosses their path after several frustrating attempts by the shugenja to contact the spirits for aid. The serpent goes to great, hissing lengths to explain that the Kami of the Island, and all the lesser kami, could not possibly be enslaved into silence by the newly returned Opawang…the Dead Spirit King. Appraised of their enemy’s name and power by the serpent’s tongue, the heroes continue.

Eventually, they make their way to the hidden heart of evil within the jungle: a corrupted, ancient city within a stinking, twisted swamp. A Garegosu No Bakemono strikes at them, nearly killing the entire group. Within the three walls of the tainted Opawangchicheng, the heroes face dark attackers, eventually penetrating to the lair of the four Ochimo – the Spirit Warriors. The heroes engage them, defeating them, but losing Soshi Anaga and Kuni Bukijo in the process.

With the dawn, aid comes in the form of Shuzento and Mariko, delayed from an earlier meeting. Their ranks refreshed, the group spearheads its way straight to Opawang’s lair, engages him. Shuzento-san, having been meditating on an earlier clue, receives sudden enlightenment: Opawang has hidden his black Shadowlands heart in one of the thirty lanterns about his haven. He shoots out two, to no avail. Closing his eyes and letting the shot happen, his luck holds true – the arrow strikes and destroys the foul heart and Opawang fades as his city begins to crumble.

(Ochimo was based on elements of Ochimo: Spirit Warrior by TSR, Inc.)

Gempukku Ceremony

The Heroes gather, some meeting the kindly old man, Megumi, along the way. The fledgling Heroes make good in the competition, overcoming events to hinder their progress and passing into adulthood.

The samurai pick up a sharp distaste for Bayushi Sugai. When Otaku Shiko is cut down by Sugai in a duel, Shinjo Mariko, the brash Samurai-ko, silently commits to revenge, especially since Mariko-san was about to make the same accusation: murder.

The samurai play quietly, and achieve adulthood. A small fortune is revealed.

(based on the Gempukku Ceremony, by AEG, Inc.)

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