Secrets of the Mists

The heroes journey to Seioku-Sanmyaku on courtly duties. There, they learn that the daimyo of this historic province has taken ill. The Phoenix suspect sorcery and foul play, perhaps on the orders of Umai, the Bakemono “daimyo”. Who better to look into this dangerous yet discrete matter than the Heroes of Opawangchichang? The only additional clue they gain is the daimyo’s nighttime blurting of “…the eyes….the eyes…”

The heroes adventures in the pursuit of the unknown assailant take them from the province to the mountains lairs of the Bakemono; to the Valley of the Hidden Twilight and the Winter Temple of the Seven Fortunes.

A full month passes, along with the life of Ashina Fujiko – and other lives, nearly – before the new special Imperial Magistrates (so named on their last report at the castle by an Imperial Courtier direct from the Emerald Champion) finally learn of and confront the master enemy:

The newly ascended Kumo-kunshi of these lands. Capable of spirit walking, the evil creature is attacked and slain outside it’s lair before it may inflict any more damage upon the daimyo or the sacred pale oak of the 17th Hantei. Nearly defeated to the last man, the Magistrates commit all in the conflict, and are rewarded with victory.

The rewards of the Phoenix follow naturally, along with Imperial confirmation of their positions as special Imperial Magistrates to the Emerald Champion.

(Secrets of the Mist was based on elements of Valley of the Mists, by FGU, Inc.)

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