The Temple of Blood

The Magistrates attend an invitation to a haiku contest in the Centipede Lands, hosted by the reclusive Mofume family. Once arrived, the Magistrates learn that they have been mislead somewhat. While the family Daimyo is indeed holding the contest, the Magistrates were invited at the last minute to offset the other primary attendees: a small delegation of Scorpion, led by Bayushi Sugai. The contest, explains the Centipede General and son of the Daimyo, is to be held at a newly discovered temple complex, reclaimed from the deep, over grown forest. The Centipede have fears that the Scorpion will use it as reason to annex the Centipede’s land – or worse.

The Heroes and guests of the Centipede compose haiku in the lushness of the forest, at the strange temple. Investigating, the Heroes apparently actovate ancient dark magics – likely maho, as evidenced by the rain of blood which mystically washes the temple complex in the vile “Shadowland Jungles”.

The Heroes protect their own with the aid of Bayushi Sugai and several Centipede Bushi, but it is Isawa Jito who manages a great ritual to return the Temple and guests to Shinomen Mori. The Temple is reduced to individual stones, which are carried to the Kaiu Wall and hurled beyond.

(based in the City of Lies, by AEG, Inc.)

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