DDC 2006: A Gift of Earth

Dundracon is just a few short months away, and the Jade Lantern will once again be co-hosting another L5R event. Below is the draft extended description of the event.

A Gift of Earth

The Emperor’s prize would greatly enhance the reputation of your small clan. But others seek the honor. Minor clans, great clans, even bureaucrats. To whom will the Emperor’s favor go?

Opportunity and Danger are two sides of the same coin. The Emperor, the Great Hantei, has unvielded the presence of a new silver mine. Located in the Biwa Valley, this silver mine requires stewardship, most likely drawn from one of the minor clans with lands along the Valley. It would greatly enhance the prestige of your clan to win this stewardship, but others seek the honor. Minor clans, great clans, even bureaucrats. Who will gain the Emperor’s favor?

The Story

A Legend of the Five Rings 3rd edition story, “A Gift of Earth” is a classical tale of honor, glory, greed and betrayal. Set within the lush Biwa Valley, our tale focuses on the machinations of several minor clans as they seek fortune and prestige.

All Under Heaven: all land within the Emerald Empire is owned by the Great Hantei. With the discovery of an previously unknown silver mine, “revealed to the people by the will of the Great Hantei”, a new opportunity opens for the small minor clans of the Biwa Vallley. Stewardship of the Emperor’s silver mine would open new opportunities for a minor clan. But old clan rivalries breed treacheries, and there is only one silver mine.

Who Should Play This Game?

“A Gift of Earth” is a strongly player-driven roleplaying story. L5R 3rd edition rules will be applied loosely. The story is not strict L5R canon. This is a two GM event. Some elements of live-action and strategic gaming will be included. Rules will be taught as needed.

About the GMs

“A Gift of Earth” is produced by Wayne Ogle and Brian Isikoff. Producers of previous, highly successful DDC L5R events “Test of Might”, “Lion at Autumn’s Gate”, and “The Eaters of Sin”, Wayne and Brian have returned with a new tale of honor and treachery.

“A Gift of Earth” is sponsored by Endgame and The House of the Jade Lantern.

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