Updating the Lantern


It’s been some time since the House of the Jade Lantern (HoJL) has been updated, outside of the occasional convention posting. With the loss of our long-time web host (and the move to Word Press), I’m viewing this as an opportunity to dust off, update, and repurpose the HoJL.

The House of the Jade Lantern has been around since at least 1998. The site was launched in the early days of the first edition of the Legends of the Five Rings rpg as a campaign site and general L5R support site. A static website, HoJL was one of the oldest L5R sites, and contemporaries with long-lost sites such as Shinjo Killbeggar’s Palace and Scott Gearin’s Phoenix Palace. Part of the reason HoJL as remained up has been out of tribute to such contemporaries.

However, I have also been running L5R – or more properly L5R-themed – games using Spirit of the Century, and now our own house Samurai Tales rpg rules – at local DundraCon and KublaCon conventions.

With the desire to continue to develop and produce successful fantasy samurai-themed rpg events, and retain the existing long time campaign documentation, the site will be retooled to support my Jade Lantern Productions efforts.

I look forward to future updates here and successful rpg events throughout the Bay Area California.

Thanks for your continued support!

Brian (aka “The Monk”)

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