Dundracon 2015: Broken Against the Waves

After a long hiatus, we return to Dundracon in 2015, with a new game (one of the Dundracon 2015 Spotlight games). Wayne and I are pleased to offer the following:

Time: Saturday, 2/14/15, at 4 PM in Room 608 for 6 hours
Type: RPG
System: Samurai Tales (L5R inspired)
Edition: Homebrew
Players: 12
Provided: Characters created for game
Variations: elements of improv and LARP
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes

Five years ago, your Clans were been brought to heel by the Shogun. Now, summoned to the Shogun’s winter court on the wild coast, opportunity.

Return to a mystical feudal Japan in a tale of loyalty, honor, and treachery. How will you ensure you Clanâs future?

About this Game

Broken Against the Waves is tabletop game, with some elements of tabletop and strategic gaming. This is a two GM event. Rules will be taught as needed. Costumes are not required. The game is based on a non-canonical version of the Legends of the Five Rings setting, Rokugan – the Emerald Empire. The rules, Samurai Tales, are a variant of the Fate rpg.

About the GMs

‘Broken on the Waves’ is the latest DDC offering from Wayne Ogle and Brian Isikoff, following previous, highly successfully events such as ‘Test of Might,’ ‘Lion at Autumnâs Gate’, and ‘Gift of Earth.’

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